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About BASSÉ Nuts

Here at Bassé, we search the world to bring you the freshest, most flavorful nuts, seeds, and dried fruits. As one of the premier healthy snack companies in North America, we’re focused on sourcing and distributing wholesale snacks that today’s consumers truly enjoy.

With over 30 years of experience, Bassé is a business with an unwavering commitment to leading the industry as wholesale snack food distributors. We source, roast, blend, pack, and distribute dried fruit and nuts in bulk, as well as edible seeds and a wide variety of specialty items. Our goal, like the businesses we supply products to, is to offer consumers exactly what they’re looking for: healthy and convenient snacks, globally sourced and always fresh.

Our story wouldn’t be the same without our retail partnerships. When it comes to healthy snacks, suppliers must be transparent about their processes and their ingredients. We work hard to achieve transparency in every aspect of our business, including our raw material sourcing and distribution, complete private label services and wholesale collection of Bassé branded snack packages. From where and how our products are sourced to the steps that complete their journey to your shelves, we’re proud to work as not just your supplier, but your partner.

Over time, we’ve built strong relationships with some of the best nut, dried fruit and seed suppliers around the world. We’ve used those relationships to help our clients—you—grow their businesses every day by providing quality products that are competitively priced, and taste delicious.

Our people are one of our most valuable resources. We’ve built a team of highly trained and skilled professionals who always put integrity and principles first. We work diligently to provide the most exceptional and specialized service possible for all of our clients, which includes using only the highest quality raw materials and being responsive to all client requests.

Food safety & quality assurance are our top priorities

As a proud Canadian company, we are BRC “AA” certified. We offer our clients multiple certification options.

Mixes & Flavour
1 million +
Bags shipped
each month
85,000 sq ft
Of state-of-the-art
production capacity
Food safety &
Dietary certifications

Vision, Mission and Core Pillars

Our vision is to be the choice partner of leading organizations as their trusted developer and manufacturer of nuts, seeds, dried fruits and snacks.

Our mission is to develop, produce and deliver superior quality products for our customers.

Core Pillars:
Customer Satisfaction: Our success is your success. We will go to great lengths to help our customers achieve their goals.

Communication: All great relationships begin with a conversation. We believe that the strongest bonds are formed through honest and clear communication.

Innovation: Pushing boundaries and encouraging creativity have helped ensure our success in an ever-changing industry. Our team members are encouraged to think outside of the box and are motivated to explore new approaches to getting the job done.

Flexibility: We respond quickly and effectively to a changing environment, turning challenges into opportunity.

Ethics & Integrity: Bassé and its employees are committed to conducting themselves in a professional manner.  We believe in acting responsibly and maintaining the highest ethical standards in conducting our business.

People: Bassé is a family. We work as a cohesive unit to ensure that we deliver the best results for our customers.  We employ a dedicated team of highly qualified people who have the skills and the drive to succeed for Bassé and our clients.

Health & Safety:  Our employees drive Bassé. By maintaining a safe work environment and adhering to all government regulations, we ensure that all employees feel secure during working hours.


Send a message for more information about partnering with Bassé or give us a a call at: 1-844-BASSE-41. Speak to Urszula at extension 200

Quality control

Our production flow is controlled daily by an in-house team of quality control professionals to ensure:

  • Quality
  • Packaging & codification for traceability
  • Shelf life integrity

Lab tests are performed on our products via a third party lab (microbiological, physical & chemical analysis) or in our in-house lab for basic quality tests (sodium, moisture, peroxyde value and oil quality tests).

Our Commitment

We provide top-notch, personalized customer service, working together with our clients to create innovative products and packaging options to best suit their needs at competitive prices with a quick turn-around time.

Our Capabilities

Bassé’s modern 85,000 sq. ft. facility produces over 100 varieties of products in multiple formats including form-fill and seal, resealable stand-up pouches, PET and acrylic jars, metal tins and gift boxes.

Our large production capacity output of roasting, blending, seasoning and packaging is closely monitored by a highly skilled team of professionals to ensure the superior standard of our products.


At Bassé, we take our role as your partner very seriously.  Our customers put faith in us to protect their confidential information, and Bassé takes the following measures to guarantee that customer information is kept secure:

Plant Tours:

  • In order to keep client identities confidential plant tours are limited.
  • When tours are permitted, visitors are restricted from interacting with any items that are running on the production line.


  • Formulations provided by our clients are their property.
  • Formulas are only made available to select Bassé personnel and are passcode protected to limit unauthorized access.