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We source, roast, Blend, pack & distribute nuts, SEEDS, DRIED FRUIT & MORE


Take a bite out of the healthy snack food market. At Bassé Nuts, we have taken the guesswork out of stocking up on what today’s consumers want. Purchase from our complete collection of wholesale nuts, dried fruits, seeds and mixes for healthy snacking made simple.

Mixes & Flavour
1 million +
Bags shipped
each month
50, 000 sq ft
Of state-of-the-art
production capacity

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    We are more than just suppliers of wholesale nuts and dried fruit. We are snack food mavens on a mission to bring the people what they want. We make it easy to buy nuts wholesale under the Bassé banner and in private label formats. From wholesale almonds and wholesale cashews to quality dried fruits and specialty snack mixes, our wholesale services offer the very best products—every package, every time.

    From product development to label design – we handle it all

    Private Label Snacks Services

    A wholesale supply chain based on Trust, Dependability & Flexibility

    Wholesale Packaged Snacks

    We source, roast, blend & distribute high-quality nuts, seeds & dried fruit

    Raw Nuts, Seeds, & Dried Fruit

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    Food safety & quality assurance are our top priorities

    A proudly Canadian company. We ensure the highest level of food safety and have the certifications to prove it.

    Shouldn’t you know where your food comes from? When you buy nuts, seeds and dried fruit wholesale from Bassé, you get the confidence you need to trust that you are only getting the best. We get our products straight from the source. Our global network of growers is focused on quality and maintaining the highest standards of care—just like we are. And because we don’t work with any middle men, we can offer competitive pricing on all of our products.

    We know that we are better when we work together. As leading wholesale organic seed suppliers and purveyors of the highest quality wholesale nuts and dried fruits, we have built our business on strong retail partnerships. Whether you are looking to buy wholesale pistachios for your bulk bins or you need wholesale pecans for your salad bar, partnering with Bassé means you get what you want, how you want it. We have the ability to work with clients big and small, and the creative talent to customize products so that they are all yours.

    Quality control

    Our production flow is controlled daily by an in-house team of quality control professionals to ensure:

    • Quality
    • Packaging & codification for traceability
    • Shelf life integrity

    Lab tests are performed on our products via a third party lab (microbiological, physical & chemical analysis) or in our in-house lab for basic quality tests (sodium, moisture, peroxyde value and oil quality tests).

    Our Commitment

    There is nothing wrong with expecting more out of your wholesale suppliers. Since 1990, we have worked to build a reputation based on trust, dependability, and flexibility. This commitment to excellence extends into all that we do. We can help you create innovative products and packaging that pops so you stand out from the competition and deliver more of what your customers are looking for.

    Our Capabilities

    Bassé’s modern 50,000 sq. ft. facility produces over 100 varieties of products in multiple formats including form-fill and seal, resealable stand-up pouches, PET and acrylic jars, metal tins and gift boxes.

    We are always interested in helping you grow your brand. Our large production capacity output of roasting, blending, packaging, and distributing wholesale nuts, dried fruits, seeds, and mixes is closely monitored by a highly skilled team of professionals to ensure superior standard of our products. Get in touch today and learn more about our wholesale and private label services.