Pumpkin Season Inspiration

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Pumpkin Season Inspiration


You know fall is here when Pumpkin Spice Lattés become available at the local coffee shop. This seasonal beverage has popularized the humble pumpkin to everything from cereal to cream filled cookies. We’re embracing this colourful squash as a simple, delicious ingredient to be used in homemade recipes. Picked from the patch, this is the perfect time of year to add this squash into your dishes and desserts so we’re giving you some pumpkin season inspiration.

And who could forget the little, delicious seeds that grow inside this hearty fruit (yes, pumpkins are fruits!) They may take some effort to scoop out, dry off and shell so Bassé has done the hard work for you. We offer a variety of pumpkin seeds including shelled and salted organic seeds sold in bags and in bulk at our Laval boutique.

Squash Starters

Bake or boil pumpkin chunks and blend them into a hearty soup. You can add in other ingredients like apples or coconut/lime to give it a more complex flavour palette. Top off your bowl with pumpkin seeds for added appeal and a little crunch.

Better Breakfasts

You wouldn’t typically think of eating pumpkin in the morning but by incorporating it into some of your favourite recipes you can start your day with a boost of fiber, potassium and vitamin c. Add it into a smoothie bowl with a dash of cinnamon and sprinkle with pumpkin seeds and coconut chips. Bake and purée pumpkin and add it into your go-to pancake recipe with a sprinkling of walnuts or pecans on top. Or recreate your favourite coffee shop pumpkin scone recipe at home.

Meat-Free Meals

Pumpkin is a great substitute for Meatless Monday. Add pumpkin seeds to homemade veggie burgers for added texture. Roast it with other veggies to top a bowl on a bed of quinoa or brown rice. Or use it in enchiladas and burritos for Taco Tuesday.

With so many ways to take pumpkin beyond your coffee mug, now is the time to embrace this seasonal ingredient in all of your cooking and baking!