Top 10 Healthy After School Snack Ideas

Do your kids come home at 4pm and want to eat everything in sight? We’re aiming for an A+ in healthy after school snack ideas with these 10 favourites:

  1. Veggie Platter – Now is the perfect time to fill up on leafy greens, crunchy carrots and anti-oxidant rich tomatoes. Serve them with a bowl of hummus for extra protein.
  2. Raw Hazelnut Energy Truffles – Satisfy their sweet tooth with dates and curb their cravings with wholesome hazelnuts. Find out how to make this super easy recipe here.
  3. Kale Chips – A great alternative to potato chips, serve up a bowl of kale chips and half the fun of eating them will be showing off their new green smile!
  4. Homemade Smoothies – Let them choose from a variety of fruits and veggies to blend together with almond milk as the base. Sprinkle in some chia or hemp seeds for an extra protein.
  5. Brazil Nut Butter & Apples Slices – Cut up apple wedges and spread them generously with homemade Brazil nut butter. Find the recipe here.
  6. Ants on a Log – Since you’ve already whipped up Brazil nut butter, spread some on celery sticks and sprinkle on raisins or dried cranberries as a crunchy, yet sweet snack idea.
  7. Guacamole and Pretzels – Make dipping a healthier snack with multigrain pretzels instead of chips. High in good fats, avocados will keep them satisfied until dinnertime.
  8. Homemade Muffins or Cookies – Besides being a great after school activity, homemade baked goods are a great way to know what is going into every bite of their favourite treats.
  9. Nuts! – A bowl of their favourite almonds, pistachios or cashews is a simple, easy and healthy snack. And since they likely can’t bring nuts to school, after 4pm is a great time for their daily dose of minerals and vitamins.
  10. Trail Mix – Whether you’ve mixed up a batch of your own or picked up a bag at our Laval boutique, a combination of nuts, seeds, dried fruits, and maybe even a few sweets, makes after school snacking super simple!

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